Monthly Archives: September 2011

Overwhelmed with Work

More or often we are overwhelmed with work from time to time, particularly when our volume of work increases and we start to procrastinate. We hardly realize that it is causing us stress and affecting our daily life and the activities we do. Such situations mainly tend to arise if our to-dos for the day […]

Delegating Work

Delegating work to anyone with an email Delegating work and tasks to anyone with an email without him having to be a member of your project first. Your task will be delivered to the assignee by email with invitation to register to happytodos free of charge and use it to work and report on tasks […]

Online Project

Are your  projects getting the right approach as needed? Are your  projects meeting the right quality and standards as specified by the stakeholder? Are your  projects making the most of your business and expanding the size  or client base? If not it’s better you start managing your each project as online project …..!! Well managing projects, […]

Focus On The Task At Hand

There are certain small and tiny issues in project management, which are overseen by most employee and project managers. These issues no doubt are very ordinary to be brought tonotice but at times can create and act as a major obstacle or blunder in the process of project management. Modes that prevent the employees to […]

Frustrated Manager

Are you frustrated by some aspect of your job and not sure of what to do? Does a tight deadline, heavy workload, scary emails, messages or any ongoing updates from your client de-motivate you at work? Or is it just that switching over from task to task has made you less efficient and  productive? Are […]

Employee Sign In Sheet

The use of project management software has increased efficiency of project based firms in a no of ways. Project management software has reduced many functions which were once seen as boring and lifeless task or activities to be managed by project managers and employees. In fact those years since project management software application has been […]

Work Without Stress

The work pressure nowadays More projects mean more work and more work means more stress. Stress related work can be seen and felt everywhere in any organization. Provided that one is very well organized and love taking challenges does not really mean that, he is ahead of work related stress. Things can be more frustrating […]

Task Plan

Task Plan can nearer your goals in project management When it comes to achieving our goals, we cannot always compromise with things to put off as to dos for tomorrow, next time and so forth. Doing so in fact is the worst mistake that we can ever commit to welcome stress or failure in life. Everyone […]

Project Priority

Project Priority – Why is it Important to business? A large no of projects list confuse employees as which to start first? And if your projects are listed all in a random, all you have to do first is to look for the one which you have been working on or project that is presently occupied […]

Day-to-Day Work

Task management project is a day to day work. Projects are broken into smaller task so that every small aspect in project management process gets a holistic approach. All factors should be well concerned from design to data compilation, collaboration to effective communication, specific deadlines to estimated budgets, project planning to project execution so that project […]