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Easy Project Management Software

Easy is not just a word, it’s an option when you have something complex, frustrating and confusing put before you. So basically when you do a research over the web to find the best and the most suitable project management software, what is the first thing that occupies your mind? Yes………..come on make a guess! […]

What Is Project Management Software

A project is any finite activity that has to be accomplished. Based on its specific needs and demands it has to be defined according to its scope, importance, deadlines and budget to make it happen. It has the usual start as well as the end. But how one initiates to start and finish it depends […]

Web Based Task Management

Is multitasking making your productive or costing you more time, when you have no of task and projects to complete? Is your mind somewhere while you are communicating with your client over the phone or updating your notepad of list to dos for your next week? Are you worried about your new business leads not […]

Working Schedule

Having trouble arranging working schedules of employees in your team? Looking for something that functions as a virtual project manager to prepare daily working schedules, manage task for your employees. Well if yes, you seem to be on a perfect platform! Scheduling task for employees based on deadlines, priorities and budget becomes a stress for […]

Project Tracking Software – To really meet deadlines

For all project based organizations, who manages projects online, project tracking software becomes very essential to lay more emphasis on project demands. A project tracking software may be defined as a tool which helps you to track projects and know the progress as well as maturity of each project, against time. It is not always […]

Online Collaboration

Collaboration in project management practice is very crucial for project accomplishments. Without effective collaboration communication process and information flow weakens failing to bear any fruitful results. Collaboration will keep all members of a team motivated and productive at the same time. If collaboration process is strengthened in a team, the level and spirit of competition […]

Do Something Productive

Do Something Productive and Keep all your project files and notes in one place, always accessible and online Working with multiple teams across multiple locations can create a real mess. Files and important information gets spread out in emails, local folders and storage. Setting up central file storage can be expensive and requires maintenance. Do Something […]

Online Project Manager

Online Project Manager as part of the team No matter how skilled employer or employees an organization has, the first essential thing to succeed in project management is through using the right resources, tools and techniques. It is often observed that, many project based firms lack systematic approach to tackle various issues in project management besides […]

Project management tool – Save hours with happytodos

Project management is a complex process that demands the team members to spend many hours on management rather than focusing on the project progress. Are you still wasting hours over hours fetching updates about the progress of your projects? Are you still spending days in meetings to get your teams working in sync and distributing […]

Tasks Management Software

Advantages of using online tasks management software: Advantages of using online tasks management software are manifold. When you use tasks management software, managing your projects can be ton times easier. Because you need not make a long list manually and fetch for each task to see whom you have assigned the same in your team. Tasks […]