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Project Management Communication

There is a reason why companies hire project managers to oversee their projects and hopefully get them to completion on time and on budget with high quality. You simply can not run a successful project without a “Daddy” who will make sure all team members are in the loop on the latest updates relevant to their work, resolve issues as they come up, report back to management, and mostly run around like crazy and make sure everything is on track and people are working on what they are supposed to be working on. With hundreds of projects under my belt, I should know. It can get really crazy.

Check Project Management Roi

Check Project Management ROI through use of online project management software-happytodos Maybe often you have wondered if using good project management software really helps in retaining ROI.  Are the tools available on internet today helpful to keep a balance between your investment and budgets of the projects that you are dealing? Well if you analyze […]

Plan Your Day

As I googled these three words:”Plan Your Day” to see what comes first in the search engine, I was overwhelmed to get the insight of the articles titled as “An 18-Minute Plan for Managing Your Day”. No doubt it is a wonderful and well written article focusing on every aspect of your daily work plan, […]

Online Project Collaboration

Online Project Collaboration Tools Project management today is undergoing significant changes because of technological development taking place. Things which took long time to do before can now be done within couple of hours saving lot of time. This has become possible with wide acceptance of online project collaboration tools by organizations to manage their projects. […]

Team Collaboration Online

Collaborating on tasks across remote or in-house teams happytodos is a web based application for managing projects. As such, it is accessible to you and your employees online, around the clock, anywhere in the world. Work with teams from other countries as if they were in your office. All communication on tasks in now centralized […]

Focus on Task or Procrastination – What do you prefer?

Focusing on a handful of most important tasks without cluttering your mind with tasks not relevant for today (higher productivity) No matter what daily task manager software you use to manage your projects or which techniques do you use to stay focus on task, usually each team member will get a list of all tasks assigned to him. […]

Online Project Planning

Knowing how much each project or even task costs you Thanks to natural ‘as you go’ online project planning, its easy to calculate exact project cost by multiplying the number of hours spent by each resource x resource’s hourly rate. Online Project Planning and costs You can even get an estimate how much the project […]

Employee Focus

There is no best way to define leadership styles, as the term leadership itself is defined as a dynamic process, which one has to adapt with changing circumstances and situations. A project manager who has handled certain situations very efficiently may not show the same result in other cases. This may be because of variations […]

Project Management and Time Management

Project management and time management are two distinctive features that project managers and employees need to focus equally to be productive. Both go hand in hand and have to be managed simultaneously to be spontaneous at work. If you are able to save few hours working on a project than you can possibly invest those saved […]