The new happytodos is here

The new happytodos is here
So much more then before
Completely re-imagined from the ground up
Take the challenge out of project management
React to project schedule changes within minutes, across resources & projects. Collaborate with teams, share files, report time.
Focus on most important tasks
Happytodos presents a completely redesigned Dashboard that serves as your daily planner.
At any given moment, your Dashboard presents you a list of the “Top Priority Tasks” in your pipeline, and makes sure you have at least 12 hours worth of work items on display.
Never feel overwhelmed again by hundreds of things to do, focus only on what’s important to your organization right now.

Make quick decisions and recognize project’s critical paths easily
We have crunched the numbers for you and created a very concise display of the project status for you.
Get a quick visual on bulk of work completed, what’s currently in progress and what’s left to do. See how much time was spent on each part of the project and if any effort was saved or over budget.
Next to the project’s Due date, happytodos will always present actual estimated completion date based on current work load cross resource and cross project.
To give you a deeper insight into the performance of your team on the project, we have included a summary of efficiency of each team member.

React to project schedule changes within minutes
You can deal with any sudden change in business priorities by a simply drag & dropping projects and tasks.
Happytodos will automatically reschedule the work planning across resources and across projects.
The system will automatically display the changes for your team mates on their Dashboards.

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