Happytodos cash giveaway- Terms and Conditions

Lottery Name:  happytodos cash giveaway.

  1. Lottery operators: Entagy Internet Solutions Ltd.
  2. Lottery period: The lottery will be monthly, starts at the 1st day and ends at the end of the month. The first lottery will Start at 01.06.13. The continuation of other lotteries will be under the company’s decision.
  3. Eligibility to participate: To participate in the lottery, the person must click on the “Like” button at happytodos Facebook page and share the lottery post at his Facebook wall.
  4. Lottery proccess: From all lottery participants,  10 names will be chosen randomly via lotteries software.  
  1. The Prizes:
    1st place – $100
    2nd place – $50
    3rd place – $20
    4th-10th places – 1 month free subscription to happytodos ($19 value per month).

Cash prizes will be delivered to the winners through PayPal, up to two weeks from the winner’s names publication date.

  1. Tax: Any tax, deduction or demand for payment of tax, of any kind, about winning and winning prize, will be the responsibility and at its expense of the winners only. Editor draw will be entitled to deduct of tax at source if required according to the law.
  2. Publication of lottery results: The results will be published on happytodos Facebook page on the 1st of each month and on happytodos website: www.happytodos.com.
  3. Contact with the winners: The winners will be contacted by happytodos support team by the eMail address written in his Facebook account and by Facebook Inbox massage, to announce the winning and to get the prize.
  4. Contact time and the prize and the right to receive the prize: Participants’ responsibility to check the lottery results on happytodos Facebook page. If they saw that their name appears on the winners list and of any reason the company still no contacted them, the winner’s responsibility to contact the company by the support email: support@happytodos.com.  That will be no longer than a month from the publication of lottery winner’s names.  After that time the winner will not be eligible to get any prize.
  5. By participating in, the participant agrees to apply to all conditions set forth in this document, even if not read the all regulations or if read only part of them.


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